Data Analytics With Python Programming


The part of why Python has become so popular is because it is widely used among data scientists. It is one of the easiest languages to learn and has impressive libraries and works perfectly for every stage of data science.

So the short answer to the question of whether Python is good for data analysis is yes. We will discuss its pros and cons later in the article so stick around to find a more detailed explanation to the question..

Goal of Course

  • Data Mining from different data sources
  • Data Wrangling using advanced Python libraries
  • Data Anlaytics using pandas, numpy, SciPi data libraries
  • Data Visualization using matplotlib, seaborn, and plotly.

Key Modules

  • Core Python Programming
  • File Operations
  • Data Analysis with Pandas
  • Vectorizing Data in Numpy
  • Connecting SQL Database
  • Data Visualization
  • Basic Statistics

Introduction to Python Programming

  • Program Structure In Python
  • Introduction To Jupyter Editor
  • Data Types And Operations
  • Assignments, Expressions And Prints
  • If Tests And Syntax Rules
  • While And For Loops
  • Iterations And Comprehensions
  • Function definition and call , Function Scope
  • Anonymous Functions
  • Opening a file , Using Files

Data Analysis with Pandas

  • Using Series, Dataframe, Panels
  • Data Wrangling , Sorting And Filtering Data
  • Aggregate Operations
  • Visualization With Pandas

Vectorizing Data in Numpy

  • Creating Numpy Arrays
  • Common Operations On Matrices
  • Using Analytics Functions
  • Views And Broadcasting On Numpy Arrays
  • Optimizing Performance By Avoiding Loops

Connecting SQL Database

  • Introduction Of Sql Connectivity
  • Using Pymysql Library
  • Performing Select Query Operation On Database
  • Performing Data Modification Language Operation On Database

Data – Visualization

  • Using Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotlly
  • Creating Graphs- Bar/Pie/Linechart/Histogram/Boxplot/Scatter/Density Etc)
  • Important Packages For Exploratory Analysis(Numpy Arrays,Matplotlib, Pandas And Scipy.Stats Etc

Basic Statistics

  • Basic Statistics - Measures Of Central Tendencies And Variance
  • Building Blocks - Probability Distributions - Normal Distribution -Central Limit Theorem
  • Inferential Statistics -Sampling - Concept Of Hypothesis Testing

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