On Data Analytics Technologies

  1. Data Analytics with Advanced MS Excel & Macros
  2. Data Analytics with SAS
  3. Data Analytics with R
  4. Data Analytics with Python
  5. Machine Learning with R/Python
  6. Data Analytics with SPSS 
  7. Data Visualization using Tableau  

On Software Development Technologies

  1. Web Based Development using PHP 
  2. Web Based Development using ASP.NET MVC Framework
  3. Web Based Development using Advanced Java
  4. Mobile Apps Development using Android
  5. Application Development using Python
  6. Database Management using Oracle
  7. Database Management using MS SQL Server
  8. Database Management using MySQL
  9. C++ Programming Language
  10. C Programming Language

On Networks & Security Technologies

  1. Basics of Network & Securities
  2. Ethical Hacking
  3. Cyber Security (Security+)
  4. CISCO Based Network & Devices  

Others Technologies

  1. Cloud based Development using IBM Bluemix , Amazon Web Services ,Azure Server )
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) 
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Big Data & Hadoop (Development)

On Personality Development

  1. Interview Preparation Program
  2. CV Preparation Session
  3. Group Discussion Session
  4. Aptitude & Reasoning Preparation Session  
  5. Team Building Program for Management Students*
  6. Customer Handling Program for Management Students*
  7. Supply Chain Management Program for Management Students