6 Months Industrial training with Live Projects. Get certified on HP, IBM, Microsoft, comptia Tools

Silent Features

Industrial Recognised Certificates

  1. HP  
  2. IBM
  3. Microsoft  
  4. Google 
  5. Oracle  etc...

Wide Range of Technology Domains

  1. Data Analytics 
  2. Software Development 
  3. Hardware & Networking 
  4. Internet of Things (IoT)  

Authorised Certification Partner

  1. Microsoft MTA
  2. AutoCAD
  3. CompTIA

  • Being authorised certification partner we are providing huge discount in respective international certifications.

Small Batch Size

  We believe in Quality rather than Quantity.  There would be only 10-15 participants in a batch with a good student-trainer ratio for effective learning.  

Expert Faculty

Being a Quality conscious organization, we are not compromising the quality of our trainers by providing the best of the industry trainer with good relevant experience.   

Addition Benefits

  1. Participants would be getting after placement support also in their core domain.
  2.  Project Training Letter
  3.  Training Certificate 
  4.  Experience Letter for 6 months 
  5.  Training Courseware 
  6.   Online hosting of PHP/JAVA/ASP.NET Projects. 
  7. Reasonable Hostel Arrangement 
  8. PG Accommodations Near to Training Place for outstation candidates  

Project Track

Data Analytics

Project Technologies : 

  1. Big Data & Hadoop (Development) 
  2. Cloud Computing 
  3. SAS Studio 9.
  4. SPSS
  5. Tableau

  • Complementary Free Modules:
  • (Personality Development Topics:)

  1. CV Writing 
  2. Interview Handling 
  3. Handling Group Discussion

  •   Top Recruiters:

  1. Amercian Express
  2. McKinsey 
  3. Layality Prime
  4. RBL
  5. Paytm
  6. Xerox
  7. Allied Infoline 
  8. Globe publications 

Software Development

Project Technologies

  1. C++
  2. PHP++
  3. Android
  4. Advanced Java

  • Complementary Free Modules:
  • (Personality Development Topics:)

  1. CV Writing 
  2. Interview Handling 
  3. Handling Group Discussion  

  • Top Recruiters:

  1. HCL Technologies
  2. Sysinfotools Software 
  3. AppAmplify
  4. Mobikasa
  5. Auth Bridge
  6. Corbus India 
  7. Kamtron 
  8. Technocopacetic Solution

Hardware & Networking

Project Technologies

  1. A+ (CompTIA)
  2. N+ (CompTIA)
  3. Security+ (CompTIA)
  5. Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Complementary Free Modules:
  • (Personality Development Topics:)

  1. CV Writing 
  2. Interview Handling 
  3. Handling Group Discussion  

  • Top Recruiters:

  1. Wipro
  2. Dell
  3. HP
  4. Accel
  5. AirTel
  6. Reliance
  7. HCL Services
  8. Sun Infosystems

Projects List

Projects - Data Analytics / Data Science Domain

  1. Iris Data Set - Predict the flower class based on available attributes.
  2. Titanic Data Set-Predict the survival of passengers in Titanic.
  3. Loan Prediction Data Set-Predict if a loan will get approved or not.
  4. Bigmart Sales Data Set- Predict the sales.
  5. Boston Housing Data Set-Predict the median value of owner occupied homes.
  6. Human Activity Recognition-Predict the activity category of a human.
  7. Black Friday Data Set-Predict purchase amount.
  8. Text Mining Data Set- Classify the documents according to their labels.
  9. Trip History Data Set-Predict the class of user
  10. Million Song Data Set-Predict release year of the song
  11. Census Income Data Set-Predict the income class of US population
  12. Movie Lens Data Set-Recommend new movies to users
  13. Identify your Digits Data Set- Identify digits from an image
  14. Yelp Data Set-Find insights from images
  15. Image Net Data Set-Problem to solve is subjected to the image type you download
  16. KDD 1999 Data Set-Classify a network intrusion detector as good or bad.
  17. Chicago Crime Data Set-Predict the type of crime.

Projects - Software Development Domain

  1. Hospital Management System (HMS)
  2. College Management System (CMS)
  3. Mobile Store System .
  4. Online exam
  5. ATM Database System
  6. Multi User Voice Chat (VOIP)
  7. Telephone Billing System
  8. Client Server application
  9. Game in Java
  10. Bluetooth multiplayer game
  11. Parking system
  12. Railway Ticker System
  13. Human resource management system (HRMS)
  14. College Library Record Application
  15. Helps students to take knowledge of complex technical concepts.
  16. Billing Management System
  17. Accident & Incident Management Synopsis
  18. AGRI-Books Publishing Synopsis
  19. Alum-Jobs Synopsis
  20. Audit Controls Synopsis
  21. City Life Synopsis
  22. Claims Express Synopsis
  23. CMS Synopsis
  24. Cool Getaways Synopsis
  25. Crew- Ready to Go Synopsis
  26. Distant Learning Synopsis

Projects- Mobility with Android

  1. Location Aware To Dos
  2. Mobile Sales Information Access System
  3. Mobile Banking Application
  4. Shop While on the Move
  5. Intelligent Travel Expense Claim
  6. Restaurant Locator and Booking
  7. Intelligent Time Tracking App
  8. Mobile Auto-Insurance Claim & Help System
  9. Personal Contact Management System
  10. Mobile Field Service Management
  11. Mobile Expense Claim System
  12. New Employee Orientation
  13. Road Side Assistance
  14. Discovers Nearby Useful Places
  15. Simple Currency Convertor
  16. Order via Mobile
  17. Mobile Asset Service Management
  18. Tracker for Equipment Rentals
  19. Interactive Guide for Tourist Spots
  20. For a Savvy Shopping Experience

Projects- Embedded Systems/IoT Domain

  1.  Implementation of Electronic Medical Record of Patient Monitoring Database
  2. Design of Intelligent Electronic Toll Collection System on Highways
  3. Implementation of Humanoid Robot For Preventing Children Accidents
  4. Embedded Based Feedback Control of Servo Motor
  5. Vehicle Theft Intimation To Owner Using GPS and GSM Technologies
  6. PC Based Weather Monitoring System Using 
  7. Traffic Signal Control Based on Density at the Junctions With Remote Override Facility
  8. Electrical Load Control Using PC Based Commands
  9. Temperature Controller For Industrial Operations
  10. TV Remote Operated Cordless Mouse for the PC using PIC Microcontroller
  11. Switching of Electrical Loads Based on IR Obstacle Detection
  12. Industrial Load Control System Using DTMF Based Signals
  13. Auto Intensity Control of Solar Powered LED Street Lights
  14. Automatic and Manual Load Sharing in Industrial Operations Using DC Motors
  15. Multiple Microcontroller Networking System
  16. Sensor Based Infant Monitoring System Using Microcontroller

Projects - Networking & Security Domain

  1. Congestion Free Router Networking Project
  2. Remote Control via Internet ECE Project
  3. Routing Simulator Networking Project
  4. Intrusion Detection System for MAC Layer Networking Project
  5. Wireless Network Efficiency Improvement Networking Project
  6. Security in Large Networks Using Mediator Protocols Project
  7. Investigation and Analysis of ‘WAN’ Technology of a Multinational Organisation project
  8. Enhanced Greedy Routing with Anti-Void Traversal for Wireless Sensor Networks Project
  9. Controlling Network Usage in Multi Homed Environment Project
  10. Here are list of Networking projects mentioned below:
  11.     Efficient and Secure Content Processing and Distribution by Cooperative Intermediaries a networking project
  12.     Intrusion Detection System for MAC Layer Networking Projec
  13.     Data leakage Detection Project Using ASP.Net.
  14.     Evaluating the vulnerability of network traffic using joint analysis of security and routing protocol
  15.     Dynamic routing with security consideration Java Project a networking project
  16.     Re-Ordering Of Packets Using Re-transmission Timer project
  17.     Wireless Network Efficiency Improvement Networking Project a networking project
  18.     Geometric Approach to Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement project
  19.     Constructing Inter Domain Packet Filters to Control IP Spoofing Based On BGP Updates
  20.     Evaluating the Efficacy of Forward Error Correction Coding project
  21.     Congesion Free Router Networking Project
  22.     Punter Attendent Protocol Implementation Networking Project
  23.     Secured Wireless Transmission Electronics Seminar Project a networking project
  24.     Remote Controlled Electronic Switching System ECE Project
  25.     Remote Control via Internet ECE Project
  26.     PC To PC Optical Fiber Communication ECE Project a networking project
  27.     Neural Networks for Location Prediction in Mobile Networks Project
  28.     Network Security Protocol with Cryptography and RFID System ECE Project
  29.     Routing Simulator Networking Project.

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