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Machine Learning with R/Python

Supervise and Unsupervise Machine Learnings Alogorithms (Regresssion, KNN, Naive Bayes , K-Mean, OpenCV based algos...) 2 Months (Weekend Batches)
35,000 (inclusive of taxes)
Online as well as Classroom Trainings are available

Modules Included

What is machine learning?
What are the use case of Machine learning?
Statistical learning vs. Machine learning
Iteration and evaluation
Major Classes of Learning Algorithms -Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning
Different Phases of Predictive Modelling (Data Pre-processing, Sampling, Model Building, Validation)
Concept of Overfitting and Under fitting (Bias-Variance Trade off) & Performance Metrics
Types of Cross validation(Train & Test, Bootstrapping, K-Fold validation etc)
Introduction to CARET package
Introduction to H2O package
Linear Regression
Logistic regression
Generalization & Non Linearity
Recursive Partitioning(Decision Trees)
Ensemble Models(Random Forest, Bagging & Boosting(ada, gbm etc))
Artificial Neural Networks(ANN)
Support Vector Machines(SVM)
K-Nearest neighbours
Naive Bayes
K-means clustering
Challenges of unsupervised learning and beyond K-means
Market Basket Analysis
Collaborative Filtering
Social Media – Characteristics of Social Media
Applications of Social Media Analytics
Metrics(Measures Actions) in social media analytics
Examples & Actionable Insights using Social Media Analytics
Text Analytics – Sentiment Analysis using R
Text Analytics – Word cloud analysis using R
Taming big text, Unstructured vs. Semi-structured Data; Fundamentals of information retrieval, Properties of words; Vector space models; Creating Term-Document (TxD);Matrices; Similarity measures, Low-level processes (Sentence Splitting; Tokenization; Part-of-Speech Tagging; Stemming; Chunking)
Handling big graphs
The purpose of it all: Finding patterns in data
Finding patterns in text: text mining, text as a graph
Natural Language processing (NLP)

What You Get?

Learn from our comprehensive collection of project case-studies, hand-picked by industry experts, to give you an in-depth understanding of how data science moves industries like telecom, transportation, e-commerce & more.
  1. Global Sales Store Data Analytics - WallMart
  2. Service Calls & Engineers Utilization Data Analytics – HCL Services
  3. Clinical Data Analytics of Cancer Patients Diagnosis & Medication – Global Health Care
  4. Data Analytics of Training & Development Program of Defense Forces – Indian Navy ...many more...
You will be having the opportunity of 10-15 Hrs e-learning exercises along with instructor-led-training which enable candidates to get the maximum out of the subjects and empowering them to build logics to hand any new requirement.
This program has been designed in collaboration with some of the most influential analytics leader and top academician in data science.

Final Outcome

Thanks to the digital revolution that is sweeping the world and India in particular, data scientists are now the most sought-after professionals by big corporations as well as startups. And companies across industries are rewarding good data analysts and scientists with desirable career growth and salaries.