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Strategic Workforce Planning

Calculating ROI

Data Analysis In Excel

Visualizing And Publishing HR Data Tableau

Data Analytics for HR

3 Months (Weekend Batches)
(Specially designed for Working Professionals)


  • 20 + hrs. Live Mentoring
  • 30 + hrs. Coding Assignments
  • 2 + Real-Life Projects
  • 1 + Industry cases

Modules Included

Strategic Workforce Planning
Strategy & Data Driven Decision Making
Measuring Performance & Potential
Financial HR – Part I
Financial HR – Part II
Costs of Absenteeism
Calculating ROI
Understand how to pick a problem that is relevant
Explain how you can measure an outcome
Understand how to check data for errors
Comprehend how to clean HR data
Understand how to speed up your Excel worksheets
Comprehend how to create new research questions based on the data
Utilize trend lines in charts
Statistics in Excel
Tables in Excel
CBuilding your First Dashboard
Dates in Pivot Tables & Dashboards

 Introduction R/R-Studio - GUI

 Concept of Packages - Useful Packages (Base & other packages) in R

  Data Structure & Data Types (Vectors, Matrices, factors, Data frames, and Lists)

  Importing Data from various sources

  Database Input (Connecting to database)

 Exporting Data to various formats)

 Viewing Data (Viewing partial data and full data)

 Variable & Value Labels – Date Values

  Data Manipulation steps(Sorting, filtering, duplicates, merging, appending, subsetting, derived variables, sampling, Data type converstions, renaming, formating etc)

  Data manipulation tools(Operators, Functions, Packages, control structures, Loops, arrays etc)

 R Built-in Functions (Text, numeric, date, utility functions)

 R User Defined Functions

 R Packages for data manipulation(base, dplyr, plyr, reshape,car, sqldf etc)

 Introduction exploratory data analysis

 Descriptive statistics, Frequency Tables and summarization

 Univariate Analysis (Distribution of data & Graphical Analysis)

  Bivariate Analysis(Cross Tabs, Distributions & Relationships, Graphical Analysis)

  Creating Graphs- Bar/pie/line chart/histogram/boxplot/scatter/density etc)

 R Packages for Exploratory Data Analysis(dplyr, plyr, gmodes, car, vcd, Hmisc, psych, doby etc)

 R Packages for Graphical Analysis (base, ggplot, lattice etc)

Doing Analytics on Data
Introduction to Tableau Desktop
Tableau Desktop Interface
Connecting Data Sources
Organizing and Formatting Data
Create Dashboards and Stories
HR Grievance Handling System
Labor Welfare Activities And Safety Measures.
Performance Appraisal System (PAS).
Employees Satisfaction Survey

What You Get?

Learn from our comprehensive collection of project case-studies, hand-picked by industry experts, to give you an in-depth understanding of how data science moves industries like HR, telecom, transportation, e-commerce & more.
  1. Industry Based HR Project by PC Staffing Solutions
  2. Data Analytics of Training & Development Program for Employees Growth ...many more...
You will be having the opportunity of 10-15 Hrs e-learning exercises along with instructor-led-training which enable candidates to get the maximum out of the subjects and empowering them to build logics to hand any new requirement.

 This program has been designed in collaboration with some of the most influential analytics leader and top academician in data science.


 Professional with over 14 years of experience.
 Specialization : Big Data & Hadoop, SAS, R, Python, MS Excel
 Companies worked with : HCL, NIIT, IBM, Tata AIG, CSC, BHEL, AIR FORCE, INDIAN NAVY


 Professional with over 17 years of experience.
 Specialization :MS Excel & VBA
 Companies worked with : HCL, NIIT, I.E.&T, Guwahati , Mahindra Comviva , Orange , AON


 Professional with over 10 years of experience.
 Specialization :Python, PHP
 Companies worked with : IBM, Gurgaon, HCL - Noida, CDAC - Delhi


 Professional with over 10 years of experience.
 Specialization :IoT, Embedded Systems

Final Outcome

 Thanks to the digital revolution that is sweeping the world and India in particular, data scientists are now the most sought-after professionals by big corporations as well as startups. And companies across industries are rewarding good data analysts and scientists with desirable career growth and salaries.

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Mentorship by Leading Experts

Mr. Manoj Yadav Learning Head

"Appreciate the way trainer handle our induction batch, and level of knowledge of that faculty is really good and appreciable."

Mr. R. Senthil Kumar Assistant Director T (Trg)

"Our Participants are highly satisfied with the quality of training (on R and Python), course material (if applicable), and level of knowledge that the faculty has. We appreciate the way trainer handled our training batches."

Ms. Anuradha Singhal Sr. Faculty

"Thanks for such a wonderful training on Data Analytics with Python... thanks to trainer also.. look forward to future collaborations as well ..."

Krishan Kumar Participant,Corporate Training Program, VisionSping

"Excellent Training Delivery on Advanced Excel by Antrix Academy, "

Ankur Tiwari Candidate

"I am very much satisfied with the quality of education which i got from Antrix Academy, The trainer is very much helpful and is also very much educated enough to solve your queries..."

Neelam Rajput HRM College,

"Antrix Academy of Data Science in Best Training Company Sector_15 Noida "

Shubham Saraswat IIT Delhi

"Best place in terms of content delivery. Faculty is experienced and teases your mind to every angle in terms of a data scientist and makes you think like a data scientist. Fee is nominal too.Batch strength is upto their commitment..."

Blessy Varghese IIMT College

"Happy to be here in this academy. Able to understand the contents pretty well."

Anju Kushwaha Student

"its a good ...as am a beginner they help me from my basic ....thanks for every things."

A N Singh Student

"Antrix academy is very good institute for Data Science and Machine learning in noida"

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"best platform to learn languages and Data-Analytics"

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"Best academy to learn about data science"

Monika Narang Ramjas College,Delhi University

"Excellent for practical learning"

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Invest Now in a Data Science Career

The field of data science is thriving as it is proving to be effective not just across industries but also across departments within organizations.

In-Demand Skills

6 out of 10 developers are gaining or looking to gain skills in machine learning and deep learning.

Antrix Academy

High Salaries

Data scientists make around 75 Lakhs on average.

Antrix Academy

Shortage of Data Scientists

India alone will need around 2,00,000 data scientists by 2020

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Our Participants are highly satisfied with the quality of training (on R and Python), course material (if applicable), and level of knowledge that the faculty has. We appreciate the way