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AI & DS In Action

Artificial intelligence will change lives in many ways. Already, AI solutions are being deployed and having significant impact in healthcare. Daniel Kraft, MD, Chair for Medicine, Singularity University, shares his expert views on how significant this technology will be in finding the right diagnosis and therapies and shifting the ‘practice’ of medicine to the real ‘science’ of medicine.

Smart Streetlights to Provide World's Largest "Internet of Things" Platform The City of San Diego is partnering with GE to upgrade streetlights to reduce energy costs and transform them into a connected digital network. The installation of 3,200 smart sensors on the streetlights will be the largest city-based deployment of an "Internet of Things" platform in the world.

What if you could map the atmosphere?
IBM among companies using AI to predict the weather, few have invested so heavily as IBM. The company first got involved in trying to use their computer systems to improve forecasts in 1996 and have been refining their project ever since. In 2016 IBM closed on their purchase of Weather Company’s properties including weather.com, Weather Underground, The Weather Company brand and WSI, its global business-to-business brand.

Deep Thunder and Precision Agriculture
Learn how IBM's Deep Thunder is being used for precision agriculture, by helping farmers understand the impact of the weather on how they plant, grow and harvest crops.

Cognitive Mobility: Olli the self-driving vehicle and Watson the cognitive system Local Motors transforms the passenger experience with IBM Watson Internet of Things technology and Watson IoT AutoLAB; On roads now in Washington, DC and soon in Miami-Dade County and Las Vegas.

Cogito Dialog Introduction
Video introduction to Cogito Dialog. Demonstrating how behavioral science is applied through artificial intelligence to guide customer service phone conversations in real-time. Cogito Dialog provides a real-time measure of customer experience for 100% of phone calls.